Silicone rubber is an ideal material for medical devices. Used in tubing and catheters, silicone rubber is outstanding in reducing infections and easing the removal of catheters after extended use. This is due to silicone's non-wetting surface which minimizes blood clotting, tissue adherence and encrustations. Product examples include catheters, drain tubes, Foley main shafts and balloon cuffs, feeding tubes, and peristaltic delivery tubes. Other examples are o-rings, hem seals, guidewire seals, connectors, Septa, valves, infusion sleeves, and introducer tips. Complete device assemblies include nasal splints, occluders, drains and thoracic catheters and others.

Commonly Fabricated Parts
Pilot Balloon
Reinforced Tube
3-Lumen Catheter
Flat Drain
Precision Pump

  • airways
  • balloon catheters
  • clips
  • compression bars
  • complete catheters
  • covers
  • cushions
  • drainage tubes
  • electrosurgical hand pieces
  • feeding devices
  • feeding tubes
  • Foley mainshaft and balloon cuffs
  • high voltage wire connectors
  • high voltage wire gas lumen assembly
  • phacoemulsification infusion sleeves
  • subcutaneous injection ports
  • insert molded junctions
  • introducer tips
  • peristaltic pump elements
  • seals
  • septa
  • stoppers
  • valves
  • your design requirement

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