TechneMed's extensive molding capabilities include compression, insert, transfer and low to high volume liquid injection molding (LIM). Our facilities are equipped with advanced molding equipment including proprietary semi-automated and automated liquid silicone rubber (LSR) injection molding and transfer presses.

The emergence of LSR in silicone fabrication has brought unprecedented speed and cleanliness to the manufacturing process. LSR also offers the ability to hold tight dimensional tolerances. We have LSR equipment specially designed for economies in prototyping as well as full production.

Liquid Injection Molding (LIM)
Liquid injection molding has many benefits in the fabrication of silicone rubber, including cleanliness. In the LIM process, the two-part liquid silicone (one part containing catalyst and the other crosslinker) is put directly into a pump, then directly into the mold cavity in a completely closed process. 

Liquid injection molding minimizes contamination due to its closed process. Additionally, because it employs a single automated step, it provides consistent part quality with less chance for variation or human error.

Some principal advantages of LIM include:

LIM Steps
Meter Mixing
Mold Forming
and Vulcanization
Final Part

Transfer and Compression Molding
Transfer and compression molding are widely accepted and are in use today. Unlike the LIM process, transfer and compression molding require separate pre-mixing of the rubber on a two-roll mill.

When transfer molding, a hydraulic ram displaces rubber through the sprues and gates into the cavities. Compression molding differs. A cube of  rubber is physically placed into the cavities, and it is the closing action of the mold that completes the fill.

Molded Applications
Our molded offerings include:
  • seals and gaskets
  • balloons
  • sensors
  • phacoemulsification infusion sleeves
  • phacoemulsification test chambers
  • pump tubes and valves
  • manifolds and connectors
  • flues and breathing cannulas
  • strain reliefs and "O" ring seals
  • spring reinforced tubing
  • your design requirements

 For a complete understanding of the fabrication of silicone obtain our white paper "Silicone Rubber Material Features and Fabrication Benefits"  Contact us: